Management of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

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Course title ECTS Comp.
Algorithms and Data Structures 3  
Artificial Intelligence 3  
Banking and Financial Markets 2  
Basics of Computer Graphics 3  
Basics of Economics 4  
Basics of Management 4  
Corporate Finances 4  
Corporate Rating 4  
Data Bases 3  
Data Mining 3  
Economic Policy 2  
Economics of Public Sector 3  
Elements of Programming 3  
European Funds 3  
Integrated Informatics Systems 3  
Integration Economics and International Relations 3  
International Economics 3  
Local Government 3  
Logistics 3  
Macroeconomics 4  
Methods of Investment Evaluation 4  
Microeconomics 4  
Object-Oriented Programming 3  
Production and Services Management 3  
Public Finances 4  
Public Governance and Management 2  
Quantitative Methods in Economics 3  
Regional Tourism Products 2  
Risk Management In Banking 3  
Social Economy 3  
Social Policy 3  
Statistical Analysis in Economics 4  
Strategic and Operational Management 3  
Tourism Development 3  
Web Design 4