Political sciences

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Course title ECTS
Information technology 2
Foreign language English 1
Study of state and law 5
Study of politics 5
Political thought/ Contemporary political doctrines 6
Political systems 6
Contemporary political history 5
Contemporary political history of Poland 5
Polish political system 5
Political parties and party systems/Political parties and social movements. 5
Public administration 3
Local government and local politics/ The organization of local communities 5
Political marketing 3
Social policy/ Social safety 3
Economic policy/Economic safety 3
International relations 6
European Integration/Contemporary problems of the European Union 5
Statistics and demography 2
Organisation and management 4
Philosophy 3
Social psychology 1
Sociology 1
Methodology of academic research 1
Political geography/ Globalization and geopolitical changes in the world 1
Philosophy of security 4
State's defence policy/National security strategy of the Republic of Poland 4
Contemporary security threats / Internal security 3
Security institutions and organizations in Poland/ The national security system 4
Local and national security threats in Poland/Contemporary social threats 3
Ecological safety  2
Ecological security systems in Poland and the EU  2
Rescue systems in Poland 3
General and specialized rescue 3
Psychology of crisis intervention 4
International security 2
Social communication in crisis management/ The role of media in a state security system 4
Data and classified information security/ IT security 3
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