FAQ - Students

I have registered my mobility, when will I receive my Invitation Letter?

We download the database of on-line registrations on Thursday mornings and issue invitation letters on Fridays, the process can be delayed by due to Holidays in Poland, please be aware that the issuing time shall not be change to a different day of the week.

Due to past fraud attempts by persons impersonating students / academic staff invitation letters are sent directly to the International Relations Office of your University.

When will I get my Learning Agreement?

You should prepare a draft of your Learning Agreement together with the Erasmus Coordinator at your home University and send it to Ms. Magda Drzastwa, MA. mdrzastwa [at] pwsz.pila.pl in a doc file so we can edit if needed.

You should fill in all the necessary fields including the data of the receiving institution. Should the data of the receiving institution belong to a different University than PWSZ in Piła, we will not analyze/correct/edit or sign the document, furthermore we will not inform you about this fact.

Upon receiving your Learning Agreement will verify it and consult with our ECTS coordinators. After their evaluation we shall and send the LA back to you (signed or with a request to make changes) as soon as possible.

Please be advised that due to a big number of incoming students the procedure might take up to 3 weeks.

Can we travel for one week?

Student Mobility for Studies means first and foremost that you came to Piła in order to study. You can have a one week break only if all your teachers have approved of it and informed the International Relations Department. If you choose to do otherwise you have to accept the consequences (f.e. failing your classes).

We strongly recommend not to make any travel plans before you have your study schedules.

When can I go back home?

Before returning home you should pass all your classes. We advise you to stay in Piła till the end of your Erasmus Contract, because we will give you a Certificate of Attendance confirming the exact date of your arrival in Piła and the day you have left.

I’m finishing my Erasmus Mobility, when will I Receive my Certificate of Attendance and Learning Agreement - After the Mobility?

Provided that you have brought us the completed grading sheet, we will prepare the documents within 4 weeks form your departure form Piła and send them directly to the International Relations Office at your University. By doing so we aim to avoid situation, where documents are being lost during transportation. Please note that we do not make any deviations from this rule.