My Erasmus experience in Pila…. well, I gotta say an ERASMUS experience is GREAT in any way. As for such an experience in Pila, taking into consideration that it is my second time here… well, you can pretty much guess that it is really AWESOME being a student here.
First of all, it is nice being an Erasmus student, for all the new friends you get to make either from your country or from different ones. And with each new experience of its kind you add to this number: new faces, memorable events, great knowledge, lots of fun and unforgettable memories.
Second of all, with each Erasmus experience I felt like I gained a new family, no matter the fact that I was in another country than mine. The kind of family where nationalities don’t matter, neither religions, nor the countries we come from. All that matters is to make new friends, new experiences, to have fun, to travel as much as possible, and OF COURSE to learn something from each of our Erasmus experiences, and to come back home, to our countries, every time, feeling richer in knowledge, experience, friends and memories.
I enjoyed my Erasmus experience in Pila, both the times I’ve been here. First time I was here for the spring semester, then, in the same year I came back for the winter semester, because I knew I would like to see Poland once again. It is a beautiful country, for as much as I’ve seen of it. It is a colorful country when talking about the architecture of the cities. It is nice the way they combine the new with the old (the brick exteriors of the communist era with the really colorful ones). It is worth coming to Poland for Erasmus because it is a cheap experience which gives you so many opportunities to travel inside the country and outside of it. And it is quite fun that even if not so many people speak English here you can somehow manage to get your message across. Polish people are friendly people.
And Pila is fun. To spend time, you can go clubbing, there are lots of restaurants to choose from, you can go play bowling, try Karts, go ice-skating, swimming (no matter that outside is snowing), sauna, even gyms if you are not too lazy, and even go shooting; I mean real shooting. But “don’t get your hopes up”, you can only shoot iron targets, not people.
So to say, I truly recommend for each student to try, at least once, to take the chance of the Erasmus program (no matter studies or practice). It is an unforgettable and priceless experience.