Hello ! My name is Daniel Badescu and I’m studying Finances and Banking at “1 Decembrie 1918” University of Alba Iulia, Romania.
As a student, I have to say that there are more and more opportunities for studying abroad or having an internship in a company. And so I discovered the Erasmus program when our coordinator presented the advantages and everything about it. In less than a month I already prepared all the documents for studies .. in Piła, Poland. (later for practice also)
I have to tell you that I had numerous options like Germany, Spain, Turkey, Greece, Italy and much more. So, maybe you will ask why Poland ? One reason is that it seemed to be sure that I will “do a great job” in Poland and I will accommodate really fast, due to the less cultural differences. Also there were many advantages such as the grant that I received, the people that I met, the language skills and so on.
Since the beginning I felt really good among polish people, made new friends, participate in presentations, projects and events. I found that the city was impressive, in the way of cleanliness, the fact that is an “island” in the middle of the city, the large green spaces and the amazing smell of delicious pierogi. So, among the studies I discovered with Romanian and Turkish Erasmus the student life and the Polish way of living. I can’t forget the parties, the AquaPark, great nights in Bowling, great coffee in Atmosfera, Galeria Kasztanowa and what I will mention especially the K2 pizza.
Within the program, we saw and visited a plenty of cities in Europe such as Berlin, Barcelona, Rome, Paris, Venice, Prague, Budapest but we travelled also in the most important corners of Poland: Krakow, Poznań, Warszawa, Wroclaw, Gdansk, Toruń, Bydgoszcz, Zakopane and, of course, Krzyż ! I love to see new places, to travel as much as possible and this was one of my chances. (also I climbed Rysy, went to Baltic Sea).
I want to mention that I was a volunteer for Erasmus office, Student affairs office, Career office and also Promotion Office and that my colleagues and superiors became really fast my friends. PWSZ is a good and well-equipped university that you have to be proud of.
In the end I just want to recommend going for studies and practice with Erasmus, not for travelling, studies or acquiring some experience. In my vision, Erasmus helps you find out who you are, what you are capable for and the truly magnificent experiences that you can live. For sure I will come to Piła again, I will meet my friends and enjoy Polish culture as every student should do.