I am Nuri from Turkey and I was Erasmus here at PWSZ for 8 months and I dont regret.

I chose to come to Poland because I was impressed when I heard about Polish culture and its history. I am a person who loves to meet and experience new cultures so that Polish history and its culture were interesting and convinced me to do my Erasmus practice here. I came to Piła - a small but pretty nice and worth-seeing city with its beauiful landscape, located almost in the center of Europe and 3 hours away from Berlin, Germany.

Poland has been through a lot in the past, they had to face many problems as a nation. I always read about history and that is why I was in Poland, to get to know more about Polish history. Additionally Polish culture is far different than the Turkish and it is quite interesting for me. The food, everyday life, the way people treat each other and the way they live, very interesting and different than what I know from home, so it was like moving to a new world.

I worked in Poland, Piła I was working in International Relations Office at PWSZ which is a modern and distinctive university both with its look and people working in. I met nice and warm people working over there. I had unforgettable moments and one of the best experience in my life by working in such an atmosphere. The office I was working in was really well built, active and friendly with my workmates. I have perfect memories which I will cherish for the rest of my life thanks to Erasmus Programme.

As a conclusion, I strongly recommend you to visit Piła at least once in your life or choose such a nice university to be an Erasmus Student. The city is great to live in, and people are warm to each other. Even though Polish culture and traditions are different than in my country, I enjoyed my time in Piła and I would like to come back again in the future.