Economics for Erasmus Students

Next to programs fully offered in English, Erasmus students have the opportunity to choose between the following courses, but please note that a minimum of 3 students is needed for courses to be held.

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Course ECTS
Polish language 3
Introduction to history and culture of Poland 2

Course ECTS
Basics of Economics 6
Microeconomics 6
Macroeconomics 5
Economic Policy 4
Public Finances 4
Local Government Finances 4
Local Government 4
Public Governance and Management 4
Economics of Public Sector 4
Social Policy 4
Banking and Financial Markets 6
Risk Management in Banking 4
Corporate Rating 4
International Economics 4
Integration Economics and International Relations 3
Advanced Statistics 5
Quantitative Methods in Economics 4
Basics of Management 6
Corporate Finances 5
Methods of Investment Evaluation 4
Tourism Development 4
Regional Tourism Products 4

Course ECTS
Social comunication 3
Fundamentals of sociology 3
Social psychology 3
Fundamentals of social research 3
Fundamentals of market research 3
Ethics and deontology 2
Ethics 3
Philosophy 1
Database 3
Methods of CI and AI - Heurystics Term Project 3
Data mining 3
Elements of graphical methods and design in IT 3
Elements of programming in "C" language