Study programs according to ISCED2013


Generic programmes and qualifications

  023 Languages  
  0231 Language acquisition Department of Philology
  0232 Literature and linguistics Department of Philology
    Department of Philology


Social sciences, journalism and information

  031 Social and behavioral sciences  
  0311 Economics  
  0312 Political sciences and civics Department of Economics
    Department of Political sciences


Business, administration and law

  041 Business and administration Department of Economics
  0411 Accounting and taxation Department of Economics
  0412 Finance, banking and insurance Department of Economics
  0413 Management and administration Department of Economics


Information and Communication Technologies

  061 Information and Communication Technologies  
  0612 Database and network design and administration Department of Economics


Engineering, manufacturing and construction

  071 Engineering and engineering trades  
  0713 Electricity and energy Department of Electrical Engineering
  0714 Electronics and automation Department of Electrical Engineering
  0715 Mechanics and metal trades Department of Mechanical Engineering
  0716 Motor vehicles, ships and aircraft Department of Mechanical Engineering
  073 Architecture and construction  
  0732 Building and civil engineering  
    Department of Civil Engineering


Health and welfare

  091 Health  
  0912 Medicine  
  0913 Nursing and midwifery Department of Medical Rescue
  0915 Therapy and rehabilitation Department of Nurisng
    Department of Physiotherapy
  092 Welfare  
  0923 Social work and counselling  
    Department of Social Work



  101 Personal services  
  1012 Hair and beauty services Department of Cosmetology
  1013 Hotel, restaurants and catering Department of Economics
  1015 Travel, tourism and leisure Department of Economics
  104 Transport services  
  1041 Transport services Department of Transport