Health care and insurance

Basic information

During temporary residence in Poland student may use hospital treatment to the extent:

• basic health care
• specialist outpatient care
• hospital treatment
• dental treatment
• medical rescue services and medical transport

EU Citizens

EU Students / Staff members leaving their home country need to acquire the European Health Insurance Card. Additionally in special cases a second document entitling to free medical care may be a provisional replacement certificate of EHIC. The Union rules on coordination allow the possibility of issuing by National Health Fund a provisional replacement certificate of EHIC, provided that it can only be issued in exceptional circumstances (theft or loss of the EHIC). The provisional replacement certificate can be requested by the insured person or an authorized person, healthcare provider in host country or the institution of the host country. The provisional replacement certificate has a limited duration. Student owning above-mentioned documents may get a free medical care in health care units which have signed a contract with the National Health Fund. EHIC does not give insurance against accidents at work. Student should buy an additional insurance.

Other Nationalities

Students / Staff Members coming from non-EU countries need to buy a special health care and accident insurance valid for the whole period of their stay in Piła. Be advise that usually your health care insurance is a re-found type of policy, which means you need to pay for the medical treatment by yourself, and after presenting the medical documentation to your insurance provider you should have your money returned to you.

Additional information

For entitled persons from EU/EFTA Member States

EURAXESS General information on Polish Health/ Medical care

In case of the absence of any document, student / staff member will have to bear the medical treatment costs. It concerns also the health care units which did not sign a contract with the National Health Fund.

In the night time, between 18.00 – 8.00, and holidays, student / staff member may get a help in Stanisław Staszic Specialized Hospital in Piła, at Rydgiera 1 (phone number: 067 2106666).

Pharmacies in Piła are usually open between 8.00-20.00. There is also an around the clock pharmacy placed at al. Wojska Polskiego 20 (phone number 067 215 18 04).