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Stanisław Staszic State School of Higher Vocational Education in Piła [PWSZ in Piła] has been founded in the year 2000 and is the biggest higher education institution of Northern Wielkopolska. Our students have the opportunity to acquire the Bachelor degree and / or title of Engineer at one of four institutes, within eleven fields of study.

PWSZ in Piła is part of the Polish system of State Schools of Higher Vocational Education which has been established in 1997, and currently consists of 35 institutions. Similarly to the reasons behind the founding of other Polish State Schools of Higher Vocational Education the goal behind creating PWSZ in Piła was to provide access to higher education in medium sized cities distant from big academic centers. A secondary but equally important aim was to increase the practical sphere of higher education in cooperation with needs of the local labor markets.

Therefore study programs at PWSZ in Piła consist of didactic courses and many hours of vocational training preparing our future graduates to continue their studies at secondary (Masters) level and to have a good start into the labor market in accordance with their field of studies. Vocational training included in the study programs is being held in local companies, institutions, schools, local government and facilities of the security system like Police and Fire Departments. Thus our students have the opportunity to prepare for their future profession in the best possible way - on-site.