CPR in Slovak Republic with the assistance of PWSZ in Piła Students!

The Erasmus+ Programme provides participants with many different experiences. Recently two of our Students Ms. Anna Klepacz and Mr Adam Kaszuba (both from the Health Care Faculty) who are currently spending part of their studies at The Catholic University of Ruzomberok attracted quite a lot of attention.

During their train transfer at Liptovski Mikulas train station one of the other passengers broke down with a suspected stroke. This caused an immediate reaction of our students supported by another Erasmus Student - Mr Gius De Giovanni from Universita per Stranieri Dante Alighieri in Italy. Soon after the Erasmus Students performed CPR, an emergency unit took the patient to the hospital and the students where able to continue their journey.

Adam Kaszuba commented on the whole situation, saying: I am student of medical studies, so it was natural for me to provide help in these situations.

The professional approach of our students impressed the Rector of The Catholic University of Ruzomberok, who officially expressed his gratitude for their professionalism and courage.

We also send our thanks and heartfelt greetings from Poland to Ms. Anna Klepacz and Mr Adam Kaszuba.


Link to the oryginal information at The Catholic University of Ruzomberok