The Minister of Science and Higher Education in PWSZ in Piła

On 22 April 2016, representatives of Higher Education Institutions and business, located in Wielkopolska have debated on a practical approach in education. PWSZ in Piła, a Polish precursor of so called dual study programmes has organized a seminar “Higher education institutions in social and economic environment of Wielkopolska Dual Studies – exchange of experiences”. One of the seminar’s participants was the Vice-Prime Minister and Minister of Science and Higher Education Mr. Jarosław Gowin.

Dual studies are the innovative form of studies in Poland, prepared and conducted in cooperation with companies. The education process at PWSZ in Pila is intertwined with placements in the companies. Thus, graduates are better prepared when entering the labour market. Students have the opportunity to set theoretical knowledge gained at the University into practice at the host company and get accustomed with modern technologies. The companies, in return gain highly skilled employees who are prepared exactly for their needs within Human Resources, while they are still at the university.


Dual studies are the most effective model of education –concluded the Vice-Prime Minister Jarosław Gowin on this innovative form of studies. He empathised that the current challenges in economy make the cooperation of science and business a necessity, and dual studies are an ideal response to the needs of the modern labour market.

Stanisław Staszic University of Applied Sciences in Piła is one of few in our country, which educates young people in this form of study programmes on a wide scale.

Taken form: Ministry of Scince and Higher Education